Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Using children's art to decorate rooms

At Trinity Preschool we like to showcase the children's art in our rooms and hallways. This helps the children have a sense of pride and they understand that what they create has value. We prefer to do this than to cover our walls with ready made stuff.

In the spring we talk about butterflies and spring; including rain, flowers, rainbows, worms, etc. The children made the butterflies by using an eye dropper to drip watercolors onto a coffee filter. After they dried, we just pinched them together with a clothespin and it makes a great butterfly. We added them to a bulletin board with some tissue paper lilacs and some rain clouds.

On the other bulletin board we had the children paint paper plates green and that became the body of the caterpillar. we added a cut head and some big eyes too. We also put the children's butterflies flying all around on a great sunny day.

These are a great way to brighten the room on these rainy spring days!

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