Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Luna Moth Came out of Coccoon today!

We came into the room and looked at our Luna moth cocoon (in the Maple room) and it was still in the cocoon. We had our group time and afterward we looked again and WOW, it had popped out of it's cocoon. At first it was wet looking and wrinkly, but it crawled up to the top of the case and soon, it dried it's wings and got bigger. It is so hard to believe that big thing fit in the little cocoon and the hole it came out of was so tiny! We can't imagine how it does that.

They are called Luna Moth's because they go out at night when the moon (Luna) is shining. They hide during the day to stay out of the bright light.

Another interesting fact about Luna moths is that they have no mouth! They only live for a week and they do not eat or drink during that time!

We will let it go outside next week.

We are still waiting for the two other Luna moths to open.

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