Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We went out to the playground today. We love to climb on the "rock mountain" and our favorite is to ride on the spring horses.

We looked at our caterpillars and saw how much they have grown. We are so excited to see that they are starting to move to the top of the cup and curl up. That is the first sign they are ready to start making their chrysalis. We have only had them since March 30 and in that short time they have grown so much already. Our Luna moth is still in it's cocoon, but pretty soon, it will be ready to come out too.

Willow Room- T/Th class:

We read "Mouse's First Spring" by Lauren Thompson

We fingerpainted with bright colors today- red, green, orange and blue. Some of the children are hesitant to put their fingers in the paint, that is OK, we just give them brushes to use. Some of the children just loved to fingerpaint and use their whole hands, practically move their whole bodies to enjoy the entire experience. So you may find fingerpaint all the way up to their elbows! Remember, we always encourage play clothes for school so your child can enjoy all the experiences without worrying about messing up good clothes.

We also worked on our Mother's Day presents today...shhhh...it is a surprise.

We practiced singing some songs the children will sing for the mom's at our Mother's Day tea. See the invitation that has or will be coming home soon.

Oak Room:

We read "Dear Mr. Blueberry" by Simon Berry. and we read "Ten little Tadpoles" by Debbie Tarbett

We used a new fun art tool today. They are paint stampers that look like flip flop shoes. Each one has a different pattern on the bottom and the children slip their hands through where your toes would usually go and stomp around on the paper. They had great fun and the designs were really cute. We used bright colored paint and made cool looking pictures. (We bought the flip flop painters at the Lakeshore learning store- see link on the sidebar). It was one of the items we used auction money to get for school.

We sang Bean bag boogie, and we did the bear hunt song, using the drums.

We talked about "sponges" today, real sponges grow in water, and we looked at how much water a sponge can hold, how many different shapes and sizes of sponges and what they are used for too.

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