Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Mixing with finger paint

I posted about finger painting in one of the classrooms the other day; we gave the children two colors that would mix to make a new color. Here are a couple of pictures of that activity. We do this in all of our rooms at one point or another during the school year. You can do this activity at home:

1. Let your child finger paint on a cookie sheet to contain the mess.

2. Give them only two colors- red and blue; yellow and red; yellow and blue; or one color and white. If you give more colors you will end up with a brownish color each time. It can be good to give your kids more colors sometimes so they can see what happens. We always stress "PROCESS" not "PRODUCT". Children learn more from the process, not what they end up with.

3. Store bought finger paints are pretty inexpensive and easy to find, but you can also make a homemade version using cornstarch and water. Here is how: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Mix 1 cup of cornstarch into a cup of cold water and mix until dissolved. Add to the boiling water and stir until thickened. Carefully divide into a couple of bowls, add a different food color to each bowl, cool and use as fingerpaint. Store in the refrigerator between uses. Will last a few weeks.

4. After your child fingerpaints, you can make a print of their picture. Just take a plain piece of paper, lay it gently over their painting, and press lightly. Lift off, and dry.

5. It is fun to let children practice writing their name in the finger paint, or alphabet letters.

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