Friday, April 1, 2011

Painted Lady Caterpillars and Luna Moth Cocoon

We got our Luna Moth Cocoons and Painted Lady Caterpillars today for each classroom today. The caterpillars will turn into chrysalis in a couple of weeks and then emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies. First we watch as they grow from tiny little caterpillars to big fat ones like in the Hungry Caterpillar Story by Eric Carle. In that story though he says the caterpillars turn into cocoons and then into butterflies, but moth's come out of cocoons, not butterflies. We will teach the children the correct concepts. We will also will watch our Luna Moth's hatch out of their cocoon. We get them already in their cocoon, and in a few weeks, they chew a tiny hole in the end of the cocoon and push their way out. They are beautiful green moths that fly around only at night. They have no mouths and they do not eat. They only live for one week. It is a great way to learn about science. We set both the moths and butterflies free outside after they hatch.

Below is the information from the website we order them from:

Bring learning to life! Our live painted lady caterpillars inspire children with curiosity about nature and science. Even the youngest children learn science basics as caterpillars grow, make their chrysalises and emerge transformed into beautiful butterflies. Classroom activities include careful observation, counting, measuring, comparing, scientific drawing, writing, experimenting and reporting. Help your students meet performance benchmarks in science, math, and language arts!

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