Friday, April 1, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, April 1, 2011

We got our Luna Moths and Caterpillars today for each classroom today. The caterpillars will turn into chrysalis in a couple of weeks and then emerge as painted lady butterflies. First we watch as they grow from tiny little caterpillars to big fat ones like in the Hungry Caterpillar Story by Eric Carle. In that story though he says the caterpillars turn into cocoons and then into butterflies, but moth's come out of cocoons, not butterflies. We will teach the children the correct concepts. We will also will watch our Luna Moth's hatch out of their cocoon. We get them already in their cocoon, and in a few weeks, they chew a tiny hole in the end of the cocoon and push their way out. They are beautiful green moths that fly around only at night. They have no mouths and they do not eat. They only live for one week.

Willow Room: MWF class

We finished up our unit learning classic nursery rhymes today with "I'm a little teapot" and "Simple Simon Met a Pieman"

We read the rhymes and sang them later with some of the others we learned too.

We are talking about the letter "o" and asked the children who had a letter "o" in their name? We graphed the results and talked about the results.

We did finger painting at the table today. We gave the children two colors (either yellow and blue) to make green or (red and blue) to make purple.

We sang "Marching around the alphabet", we put letters on the floor and the children marched around the room to the music and stopped by a letter when the music stopped. Then they told the teacher what letter they were standing near.

We also sang "Stinky Cake" and our Nursery rhymes.

We had a "Pretend Tea Party" for snack today. We drank out of little tea cups and had some of simple simon's pie.

Maple Room:

We also looked at the computer today to see a live video stream of an American Bald Eagle couple in Iowa that is taking turns sitting on their three eggs keeping them warm to hatch any time. The children understood that they are sitting on them to keep them warm so they can hatch.

Oak Room:

We read two books today by Ruth Galloway "Clumsy Crab" and "Smiley Shark".

We painted on bubble wrap and then pressed paper onto it to make a print. We turned them into fish, sea horses, etc. and hung them in the hall. for decoration.

We had fish stampers at the easel, then we painted waves on the pictures too.

We had some magnetic exploration at the table, a board game and a flower building activity.

We have many water related items in the room, sea shells, pictures of fish, etc for the children to explore.

We had some new magnetic gears out today too.

We sang "Mitch the fish" a color changing rhyme and Over the deep blue sea

We had the water table out with sudsy water in it today.

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