Monday, November 26, 2012

Dramatic Play Bakery Fun at Trinity Preschool

In all of our classrooms during the month of December we set up our dramatic corners at bakery centers. We tend to not put an overemphasis on holidays at our school, we don't use holidays as our main theme or focus, so for us, having a bakery is a good way to tie in Christmas. 

One of our classrooms uses this store front type of set up , but the other two rooms use a puppet theater as the bakery store front.
We give the children some props for baking as well as for running the bakery store and taking orders for food.

Closer view of items we have in our bakery.

We have a "window" in our bakery too.  

We make each of the children their own baker's hats using paper, and a good quality paper napkin or paper towel as the top.  We add their name too.  These are a huge hit!

We have an assortment of store bought and homemade items for our bakeries.  We have donuts made from socks, flannel shaped cookies, and later the children will make salt dough cookies too. 

Close up view of the donuts made from socks.

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