Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, November 8, 2012

Willow Room- Terrific 2's and 3's class

We read "Fall leaves fall" by Zoe Hall 

We did a "big" and "little" chart sing leaves of different sizes.
We asked the children "What is your favorite color leaf?

We did "Paper towel leaves" .  We sprinkled powdered paint on paper towels and sprayed them with water to blend the colors.

We had a number game at the easel, the children had to put the numbered corn husks in order.

We did Leaves on the move (sung to wheels on the bus), Jump up, turn around, and I like my hat for music time.

We have leaves in our sensory table.
We did a leaf rhyme called 5 little leaves.

Maple Room: Thursday

We read "Mouse count" by Ellen Stoll Walh

We played a "What shape is missing game", we did a math sequencing puzzle, a match it math game and we acted out our mouse count story.

Oak Room- Pre- K class:

We read "In a people house" by Theo LeSieg and "Come over to my house" by Theo LeSieg
We cut out a house shape and cut pictures from newspaper and ads to glue in our houses.  The children worked very hard on this today- they really took their time to do a good job.

We painted boxes to make a skyscraper.  We did the letter I puzzle.  We did an upper and lower case letter matching puzzle.

We did a rhyming match game- find your partner that matches.
We did the "Mack chicken dance"

Does your Name have the letter "I" in in it.

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