Monday, November 12, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, November 9, 2012

Willow Room:  MWF class

We read "Fall leaves fall" by Zoe Hall 

We did a "big" and "little" chart sing leaves of different sizes.
We asked the children "What is your favorite color leaf?

We did "Paper towel leaves" .  We colored with yellow and orange and red markers on paper towel, then sprayed them with water to watch the colors "bleed" and blend.

We had a number game at the easel, the children had to put the numbered corn husks in order.

We did "Leaves on the move" (sung to wheels on the bus), "Jump up, turn around", and "I like my hat" for music time.

We have leaves in our sensory table.
We did a leaf rhyme called 5 little leaves.

Maple room- Morning class:

We read "Mouse's first fall" by Lauren Thompson
We did spool painting on strips of paper to make headbands to wear for our Thanksgiving feast.

We had acorn shapes at the easel and we painted them with glitter paint and spool painters.

We did "The November song", "List of dances", "Tommy Thumb", "Stomp, stomp, clap" "Jump Jim Joe" and the Freeze dance using ribbons.

We did Letter F activities, read read "One is a feast for a mouse" by Judy Cox  We had Pastor Dan guest read to the class today.

Maple Room: Afternoon class

We read 123 Valentine's Day and Queen of Hearths Nursery Rhyme
We are learning about the shape "Heart"
We used a paper towel dipped in paint to dab up and down over a heart shape stencil to make heart shapes.

We had paper with a heart shape cut out and brushes with paint.

We did "The November song", "List of dances" , "Please pass the peas" and "Tommy Thumb" for music time.

Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "The three little wolves and the big pad pig" a funny variation of the Three little pigs stories we have been reading.

We made buildings with packing peanuts and colored glue.

We put windows on our sky scrapers building we made from painted boxes.

We did some rhyming puzzle match ups and an early math activity center.

We did The turkey hop, and a turkey rhyme for music time.

We asked "What words start with the letter I?"

Stay & Play:  

We read Harriet's Recital" by Nancy Carlson and "Smile A lot" also by Nancy Carlson

We painted with a variety of fun objects, legos, caps, game pieces.

We did "Shake my sillies out" and "Mack chicken dance"

We did some floor puzzles and used large building blocks.

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