Monday, November 12, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, November 12, 2012

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "Thanksgiving feast" by Quinlan B Lee
We asked the children "What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?"

We made "Thankful plates", we glued pictures of food we are thankful for onto paper plates.
We had magnetic shapes at the easel.

We did "The turkey pokey", "Five little turkeys", "Over the deep blue sea" for music time.

We did "Travelin Turkeys (tune "If you'e happy and you know it")

Maple Room- Morning class

We read "The turkey race" by Steve Metzger

We wove place mats to use at our Thanksgiving feast on Friday.

We had tempra paint at the easel with various size brushes.

We did "The November song", "Turkey feathers song (but with  letters on them instead of colors).
"Turkey feathers, turkey feathers, brightly colored, brightly colored.
Name can pick a ______ one, Name can pick a blank one,
sit back down, sit back down."  We usually have various colors and the children are told a color to choose,but this time each feather had an alphabet letter on it and they were told which letter to pick.

We did letter G activities, the G book, do you have a G in your name? and What did hte alphabet monster eat that starts with the letter G?

Maple Room: afternoon class

We read the nursery rhymes "Hey diddle diddle" by Ken Eagle and the Thanksgiving book, "Clifford's Thanksgiving" by Norman Bridwell.

We painted with grey paint on a moon shape paper.  We will add a cow, jumping over the moon.
We had watercolors and brushes at the easel.

We did "Turkey Feathers", "Tap your toe and follow me" , "Hush little baby" and "Down around the corner at the Pumpkin patch" for music time.

We are learning about shapes.

Oak Room- Pre- K class

We read "Turkey Trouble" by Wendi Silvano
and "Twas the night before Thanksgiving" by DAv Pilkey

We made designs on our special tops we will wear as pilgrims at our Thanksgiving feast on Friday.

We did "Turkey in the brown straw", "Come and buy a pumpkin" and "the pirate song".

Stay & Play: 

We read "Splat says Thank you!" by Rob Scotton

We drew pictures using oil pastels.

For music we did "Up, down and around" dancing with scarves and we did a color and shape matching game, find the person with the ones that match yours.

We made clay creations.

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