Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast at Trinity Preschool

The children in or Maple room and Oak Room join together to celebrate being Thankful.  We spend some time in the week before talking about being thankful, and about the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place.  We talk about how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims their first winter and taught them how to plant crops like corn.  They had a harvest feast together to celebrate and we now have Thanksgiving to remember that and to show our appreciation for all we have. 

The children in our Maple Room come to the feast as the Native Americans and the children in our Oak Room are the Pilgrims.  They welcome the Native Americans into their room.  We enjoy corn muffins and homemade butter (the children make it from heavy cream) and we also have the children each bring in something that we put together as a "friendship mix" - cheerios, m & m's, corn chex, pop corn, raisins, pretzels, etc..  We all sit at one long table and the children wear vests and head feathers or pilgrim hats and tops.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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