Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trinity Preschool April 2011 School Newsletter

Important Dates:

No Classes - Thursday, April 21- Teacher in-service (CPR/First aid training)

No school – Friday, April 22- Good Friday

Field Trip- Fire Safety Festival- May 2 and 3 (not Terrific 2’s and 3’s class)

Reminder: Unless your phone call is an emergency- please do not be talking on your cell phone while in our halls. Thank you.

Summer camp:

ONLY 2 spaces left in the first session of camp and 8 spaces left in second session of camp!

Fall 2011 classes:

Most classes are full, we are starting waiting lists.

New classroom materials:

We are in the process of getting some new equipment for our classrooms from the auction proceeds.

We are ordering some new books, block toys and science materials. We got some magnetic gears, art tools, math and alphabet materials, and some new items for our dramatic corner. We are choosing some more items too. The children always enjoy the new equipment in the classrooms.

Books in hall lending library:

Please check at home and return any books you have from our lending library. We had over 150 books out there at the start of the year and maybe have 10-15 right now. Borrow, read, return!

Fire Safety Field Trip:

We are going on a field trip. All classes (except the T/TH Terrific 2’s and 3’s class) will be going. We will take a bus from school to the fire house in Mt. Prospect and back to school.

Dates: Monday, May 2 will be the Willow Room and The Maple room

Tuesday, May 3 will be the Oak room.

A permission slip will be coming home soon. The fire department puts on a fire safety program where children learn about stop, drop and roll, how to stay safe in smoke, what a fire engine looks like, etc. We have Fire fighter Jim come see us in the fall, and this is a good follow up to that lesson in fire safety. Most fire deaths are from young children who get afraid and hide if there is a fire; teaching them how to be safe saves lives! We are not including the children from the Terrific 2’s and 3’s class, as we feel they are a little too young for an excursion from school.

Mother’s Day programs:

You will receive information from your child’s classroom about specifics, but we traditionally invite the mom’s to come for some songs and refreshments at the end of the morning during the week of May 2nd.

Church Rummage Sale:

Trinity Church holds a rummage sale (like a garage sale) Friday evening, May 6 and all day Sat. May 7. If you have things you want to get rid of and would like to donate them, you can bring them the week of May 2nd. If you have larger items like furniture, they will arrange to pick them up! The rummage sale is a great way to find some new treasures too.

Butterflies and Moths

Every year we watch the transformation of caterpillars into chrysalides and then into painted lady butterflies and our moth cocoon into a beautiful luna moth. The children are fascinated by how quickly the caterpillars grow and change. This is a great science learning opportunity. We learn to make predictions, observe, record data, and see if our predictions were correct. Then, we always set them free.

If you would like to order caterpillars for home, you can also help out school. We will get a credit toward our purchase for every one that is ordered. Please note….you do not have to order butterflies, we are just making this available to you if you would like them at home.

Order form is available at school .You send it directly to the company, not to school. is the web site to sign up to get recall info sent to you. There are so many recalls on kids products especially, keep your kids safe, sign up to receive email alerts.

Lately there have been recalls about porta cribs and pacifiers. Sign up for alerts.

Warm Weather…..

Hopefully warm weather will be coming soon. If you want to plan a play time with classmates, you are welcome to stay after school and use the playground. Please supervise your children and clean up before you leave.

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