Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bald Eagle Eggs are Hatching- One has hatched!

One baby eaglet has hatched, it looks like a fuzzy little ball in the nest, but will lift it's head up to the mother or father sitting on the eggs and touch beaks. Eagles used to be endangered until 2007. They have made an amazing comeback.

They have had some pictures before from a distance of eagles hatching their eggs, but this is a high resolution picture and it is amazing. I hope you are taking advantage of this learning opportunity to teach your children about nature, how animals love and care for their children too, and that the internet can be used for something fun and educational. If your child is asking questions, look up more information or get some books from the library. This is what we call "a teachable moment" in education; build upon your child's interest by showing them something new and exciting and if they show more interest, build upon it.

Has information about eagles if you would like to learn more. Some facts I found interesting
  • The Mother and Father eagle mate for life.
  • Bald eagles lay from one to three eggs.

  • The 35 days of incubation duties are shared by both male and female.

  • Today, there are an estimated 9,789 breeding pairs of bald eagles.
  • They are large birds- the wing span is from 6 feet to 9 feet!

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