Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oak Room- Pre-k Room

We read "if you give a mouse a cookie"  by Laura Numeroff and "we read the kiss goodbye" by Audrey Penn

The children cut out circles out of brown paper and glued Pom poms onto the top to look like a cookie.

We did some letter a A activities, today was a mystery bag where the children have to guess what objects that start with the letter a could be in it.

We did "ABC letter sounds song", "tap your toe and follow me," and "the apple tree" for music today.

Willow room- terrific 2's and 3's class

Today was the first day of class for our youngest group.  We had a few criers, but most of the children settled down.  

The children painted using tempra paint in primary colors using Q tips and we had chalk boards and chalk at the easels.

We talked about our class rules.  We learned the rhymes "open, shut them," " criss cross apple sauce"

We did "list of dances", "tap your toe", and "brown bear" for music. 

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