Monday, September 15, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for Monday, September 15, 2014

Oak room: pre k class

We read "I'm gonna like me" by Jamie lee Curtis
And we read "This is my body" by Mercer Mayer

We made our body shapes to look like us...we looked in a mirror and drew hair or glued on yarn, made our faces, and our clothes.

We did "body rock", "head, shoulders, knees and toes", and a p p l e for music time.

We are learning about the letter B this week.

Maple room: MWF class

We did a felt story called "the little red house". About a house with no windows or doors, but a star is an apple.

We did apple printing with red and yellow glitter paint.

We had apples stampers with yellow and green paint at the easel.

We played a number game with apple shapes and a worm hiding behind one of the numbers .

Willow room. MWF class

We read "eyes, nose, fingers, and toes" by Judy hindley

We asked the children today "are you a boy or are you a girl?" For our question 

We decorated boy or girl shape cut outs using yarn, buttons, and pieces of fabric with glue.

We painted with brushes using primary colors of paint at the easel.

We did hands are for clapping, everybody has a face, and head, shoulders, knees and toes for music today.

We learned a rhyme about hands today.

Stay and play:

We painted with circle ribbon spools and scrubbing sponges

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