Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for oak room pre k class September 5, 2014

The children heard another story by Laura Numeroff today, If you give a cat a cup cake.  The children used shaving cream and little paper strips as frosting and sprinkles to make cup cakes.  Then the teacher asked them to finish the sentence about what they would want if you gave them a cupcake.

We also put the keys the children painted on our classroom door.

Last spring we planted seeds in our container garden outside and this week we pulled up some of the carrots.  They are kind of short and stubby, but fun to see how the little tiny seeds changed into a plant.

At the classroom writing center, we added some words and pictures from the stories we have been reading.  We set up a free art table  for today with stencils, markers, scissors and glue.

We did the Mack chicken dance, days of the week, and a sing a long called the twelve days of school where we used props with our song. 

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