Monday, September 8, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for Monday, September 8, 2014 for the Willow room, MWF class

The children in the Willow Room, m.w.f. Class today had their first full morning at school with the whole group together.  So, it was a day to learn the routines, get used to sharing the toys, and also just get used to being away from home and mom or dad for a little while.  They did great.

We read a story called " I'm not ready" by Jonathon Allen. We started out with our question of the day today "are you ready for school today?"  We use this question as a way for the children find their name written on a shape, then add it to our question board. Later we will use the answers as a way to do some math activities, graphing, counting, comparing, etc. We did some calendar activities, weather activities, and talked about the days of the week; which we will do each day in class.
We talked about class rules, and we introduced our phrase "please stop" that we are teaching the children to say if they don't like something someone is doing to them.  There is a picture of the sign at the bottom of this page.

We played outside on the playground today.

We did brown bear, tap your toe and follow me, and list of dances for our music time today.

We had a great first day,

The bottom picture shows what the paint looked like when the children were given it to begin painting, as you can see, they not only explored painting with Q tips or fingertips on paper, they got to see how the colors mixed on their plate too.  

At the table the teachers set out various activities, like a lock puzzle, sorting bowls with colorful counters they can sort into each bowl.
We have had fun exploring water as part of our sensory activities .

At the easel today we had chalk boards , chalk, and erasers.

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