Friday, September 19, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for Friday, September 19, 2014

Oak room pre k class

We read "buzzy's boo boo" by Harriet Ziefert and "at the hospital" by M. Joyce 

We talked about a time we were hurt and needed a bandaid.  Then the children drew a picture of a time they needed a bandaid and we wrote about what happened.  Then we added a bandaid to the picture.

We had sponge tube water colors at the easel.

We did bean bag alphabet rag, and we balanced bean bags in various parts of our bodies.
We also did some body rhymes.

We have dinosaur bones hidden in rice in our sensory table.

We have translucent letters at the light table.

Maple room: MWF 4 year old class

We read "ten apples up on top" by theo lesieg 

We did some apples up on top activities, we stacked bean bags on our heads, we put a number on some blocks and stacked up 10 blocks, and we had a head shape on the magnetic board with apple shapes, the children rolled a dice and put that number of apples up on top.

We read I am an apple, all around the seasons.

We did the September song, a p p l e for music time today.

We made apple sun catchers at art today.  We glued tissue paper onto wax paper and put it into an apple shape frame.

We had apple shapes at the easel with red and green paint.

Willow room: MWF 3 year old class

We read a BIG book today called "quick as a cricket" by Audrey Wood

We did a group art project on large sheets of paper.  We painted with sponges on long handles.

We had stencils with colored pencils and markers at the easel.

We played a color recognition game with honey pots and a bee.  "Which color honey pot is the bee hiding behind?  The children took turns guessing the color to check.

We introduced a number matching game at circle time that will be out on the table for the children to explore.

We did our hands rhyme, the wheels on the bus, hokey pokey, and teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around for music time today.

We played with soapy water in our water table today.

Stay and play:

We read curious George's first day of school by Margaret and H.A. Reys

We used foam brushes to paint over a stencil shape.  Then when we removed the stencil, we had a negative space painting.  Some of the children then used another color paint to paint inside the stencil.

We did two little blackbirds, and doggie, doggie, count my bones, for music today.

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