Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for the maple room class September 5, 2014

We read the rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister today for our first day of school.  We talked about friendship, sharing and helping others. We reviewed our classroom rules.

We did a find a fish number game with numbers 1-5.  We also introduced out "Sally the centipede" on our wall, which will teach counting by 10's as the caterpillar grows. We also played a number game where the children rolled a dice, counted the number of dots and added that number of scales to the fish.

We painted fish shapes with water colors and then our teacher shared a special sparkly sequin so all of our fish sparkled, just like in the story.  We will add these to our bulletin board to create a. School of fish.  
 We had fish shapes at the easel that we painted with glitter paint.  

For music time, we did our September song, 5 little fish tease mr. Shark, when I was a little fish, the pirate ship, and the pet store by my house today.

We have some letters to trace with dry erase markers at our writing center, and some shapes that are used to make letters too.  

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