Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Willow room:  MWF class

We read "yes we can" by Charles fuge

We painted with foam textured rollers

We had magnetic faces pieces at the easel 

We did a 5 little germs rhyme., can't sit still song, little fish song, and what can you do with a bean bag activity with bean bags for music time today.

Oak room pre k class

We read I spy with my little eye by Edward Gibbs and the looking book today.  

We are talking about senses, and today we talked about the sense of sight. Sight is the only sense that can tell us what color something is 

We worked in our journal notebooks on pictures and words that start with the letter "c".

We had primary colors at the easel yesterday.

We did Carl the clown, which is a color rhyme, scat the cat, a color changing chant, and the 5 senses song for music today.

We had binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore seeing things with our sense of sight. 

We did an experiment with color mixing.  We mixed 2 primary colors to make a secondary color.  Everyone got to try it too. 

Maple room MWF class:

We read the little mouse and the big red apple by a h Benjamin 

We made paper bag apples.  We stuffed newspaper into paper lunch bags and then tied the top shut. We painted them red, yellow or green to look like apples.

We had apple stencils with paint brushes at the easel.

We did tommy thumb, and the September song for music time today.

We talked about apples and made a list of all the things we know about apples.

Stay and play: 

We read a bedtime for bear by Bonny Becker 

We drew with markers and crayons on paper taped to the underside of the table.  Then we drew on paper on top of the table.we talked about how it felt different .

We did old macdonald finger play , jump Jim joe, and we did the freeze dance with ribbons.  

We spent extra time outdoors since it was glorious outside.

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