Monday, September 22, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, September 22, 2014

 Maple room: MWF class

We read "Applesauce season" by Eden Ross Lipson

We had the children each bring in an apple today, and we cut them into small pieces and made applesauce.  We ate it at snack time.

We also did a taste test with red, green, and yellow apples and made a graph of our favorites.  We discussed the graph too.

We sorted apples by color.  

We estimated how many seeds we thought would be inside an apple and then cut into the apple to check.

We had apple stencils at the easel and we used roller brushes to paint over them.

We did the September song, and A P P L E for music today.

Willow Room. M W F class

We read The little mouse and the big red apple" by A H Benjamin

We asked " how are you feeling today?"

We glued tissue paper to an apple shape paper, some children glued the tissue flat and some scrunched it up.

We had two sided easels on a table, one side is dry erase markers, and the other was chalk and erasers.

We did the apple tree felt board rhyme, the sneezing song, and come and join into the game for music time today.

We talked about germs and about coughing into our sleeve.  We did a special activity to show how germs spread from one persons hands to another.  

Oak Room - Pre -K class

We are learning about senses and today we talked about our sense of smell.  We read the book "popcorn" by Frank Asch and we read The Nose" by Al Perkins

We colored popcorn by shaking it in a bag with powder paint.  We glued the colorful popcorn onto paper shaped like a bag of popcorn.

We used a hot air popper and popped a bunch of popcorn that we put in a large tub with scoops, cups, etc.  we also popped some popcorn for snack.

We did 5 little popcorn in a pan, the bear hunt, and the silly dance contest for music today.

Stay and Play:

We read "the very busy day" by Jane chapman

We painted with patterned flip flops that we put on our hands to press on the paper.

We did several apple rhymes for music today.

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