Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Willow Room- T/TH class

We told the story of the little red house with no windows and no doors and a start inside.  It turns out at the end to be an apple.

We used real apples to make apple prints on paper.  We used paint and when you press the apple that is cut in half crosswise, it makes a star shape print.

We had contact paper at the easel and the children stuck yarn pieces to the sticky paper.

We did Mr. Apple worm rhyme, and walking shoes and pass the bean bag for music today.

Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "Ten Apples up on top!" by Theo Lesieg and we also read "Little MOuse and the Big Red Apple" by A. H . Benjamin

We gave the children a long piece of paper and they drew a picture of themselves at the bottom and then used an apple shape sponge to add apples up on top ( like the story).  At the top of the page we had a paper that said " I have _________apples up on top" and we counted how many apples they stamped on the paper and wrote that number.

We did "I like my hat", "On the count of Five" and "Sing a song of senses" for music.

We did an apple taste test.  We had a graph and each child tasted a red, green and yellow apple and chose which one they liked best.  We then counted how many liked each and used the gragh to talk about more or less.

We put bean bags piled on our heads to see how many we could pile like the story.

we are learning about our sense of taste this week.

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