Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trinity preschool activities for Thursday, October 2, 2014

Willow room: terrific 2's and 3's class

We read Cock a doodle doo, a barnyard hullabaloo by Giles Andrea

We painted with animals tampers on light green paper to resemble a farm.

We painted with ice cubes made from paint at the easel on paper shaped like farmer overalls.

Our dramatic corner is a farm now.

We have hay in our sensory table

We did old McDonald had a farm, using a puppet mitt.

We did Bingo, old mc Donald had a farm, and come and join into the game for music.

Oak room: pre k room

We read hand, hand, fingers, thumb by Al Perkins

We are talking about the sense of touch.

We had an activity where we put various items in socks and the children tried to guess what it was by feeling it only.

We made sand designs at art.  The children spread glue inside a stencil shape, and they sprinkled sand on the glue.  The shape is there made out of sand.  

We used our finger to dip in paint and make finger prints on paper.

We played a small group game where the children reached into a box and pulled out an object, then they put it on the alphabet mat for the letter it started with.

We did the five finger band, where we played pretend instruments, and funny fall animals, a silly song about beginning letter sounds.

Maple Room: Thursday class

We read Llama, llama misses mama by Anna Dewey and we read Elmer

We did a name writing activity.
We did a patterning activity
We played the number card game Uno.

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