Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

EMaple Room: Thursday class

We read "Elmer and the Rainbow"

We did the October song, and a 5 little pumpkins rhyme- we acted it out

We practiced writing our names, and we did a rhyming activity with picture houses, "which word does the card you are holding rhyme with? bug, bed, snake?)

Willow Room: T/TH class

We read "Mixed up breakfast

We asked the children "What is your favorite farm animal?"

We painted on leaf shape paper with loofa sponges and fall paint colors.

We had dry erase markers and farm animal stencils at the easel.

We did "Good day", "Animals on the farm", and "The Pirate song" for music.

We did an animal rhyme activity, which farm animal name rhymes with this word?

Oak Room-Pre- K class

We read "The shape of me and other stuff" by Dr. Seuss

We did a color graph, what is your favorite color.

We did a page for our all about me book- "What is your favorite color and the children colored with that color in the book.

We did "Toe, leg, knee"
and a chant and action song for music today.

We did an experiment with a regular marker.  The children used a marker to color on a paper towel, then they brushed it with water and the color separates into the colors that make it up.

We did what words start with the letter E?  We practiced writing the letter E on dry erase boards.

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