Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oak Room- Pre- K class

We had fire fighter Jim visit our class today to talk about fire safety.

we read "Little Raccoon's Big Question" by Miriam Schlein and Raccoons by Allan Fowler

We worked in our letter journals on the letter H, we drew pictures and wrote words that start with the letter H.

We did "Pass the pumpkin" "Raccoon Raccoon" ( a finger play), and "Wiggle in my toe for music today.

Willow Room:Tue/Thurs class

We had fire fighter Jim visit our class today and talk abotu fire safety.

We read "Dot the fire dog" today.

We asked the children "Have you ever seen a real fire fighter?"

We decorated paper fire hats with black tempra paint and the number stampers  9 1 1.

We had Dalmatian shape dogs at the easel and we used corks dipped in black paint to add the  spots to the dogs.

We had a paper with a building drawn on it and pretend fire coming out of the windows.  The children used real water in the fire extinguisher bottles to squirt the fires out.

We used Mr. Potato Head pieces to decorate our pumpkin.  The children could add the pieces into holes we punched with a screwdriver ito our pumpkin.

Our pretend Hen "hatched her eggs" and now we have little pretend baby chicks.

We did "I'm a firefighter, the fire truck song, When it is autumn and the cool bear hunt for music time.

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