Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We played in the gym today, and if the rain continues it looks like we will have an indoor picnic Friday.

We watched a video today of some baby birds that hatched out of eggs in a nest on an outdoor light at one of the children's homes. We saw the eggs, then some hatched birds and then the birds all reaching up with their little beaks for food. It was very cool.

Willow Room:

We read "The three little fish and the big bad shark" by Ken Geist

We painted using tempra paint and water colors. We played with "flubber" which is a mixture made with glue and borax.

We did the letter sounds song, and then sang some songs the children chose.

We played with the water table today. We made a chart of words that start witht eh letters X,Y,and Z.

Maple Room:

we read "Muncha, muncha, muncha" by Candace Fleming

We did "plate smashing colors". We put paint on a clear plastic plate and then put waxed paper on the paint and another plate on top. We smushed and smashed the plates together and ended up with a colorful blend of the paint.

We had cars at the easel to roll on the paper to make cool paintings.

We did the May song, Weather-o, Today is Monday, and On the count of five."

We played a game to learn about one-one correspondence called "Ants on a blanket "

Oak Room:

We read "An ants day off" by Bonnie Becker

and "Hedgehog goes to kindergarten" by Lynn Marie

We worked in our journals, the children got to draw any picture they wanted to.

We painted our homemade beads.

We did some rubber band designs on special peg boards, and a nursery rhyme sequencing game. The children had to put the picture sin the correct order of the rhyme.

We sang "Ready, Set, Move, "Scat the Cat", and "When I was a little fish"

We set up a soft foam crochet fame in the hall and took small goups out ot play with it.

We had the estimating jar out with people figures to guess.

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