Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pretend Camping Trip in the Maple Room Classroom

We had so much fun going on a pretend camping tip today in our classroom!

We all came to school in our "camping clothes" and we brought flashlights, bug catches, hats, binoculars and other things we need for a damping trip. We closed the blinds most of the way (which was hard to have to do, since it was the first sunny day in weeks!), but we needed it dark for our camp out. We all had on glo bracelets and we sat on the rug in our campground area with our pretend fire and our teacher read us a story in the dark. We had a tent set up and we had camp lanterns, cook out supplies and flashlights. We did some fishing too. We made hand puppets on the side of the tent by shining the flashlight at our hands and looking at the shadows.

We did everything in a darkened room- we never turned on the lights today! We even did our art project in the dark. We made campfire pictures, it was a cutting, and gluing project using brown paper for wood, and red and orange for the fire.

When we went outside, it was very bright! We each had out own bug catchers (a small clear plastic carry out container that our teacher printed computer tags that said our name and "Bug Catcher" on it. So we went on a bug hunt; but it was still chilly out so we didn't find bugs. We will have to save our bug catchers for another day.

We had no cook s'mores for snack. Graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate syrup.

The children had a great day on our camping trip. The only thing missing was the rain! It always rains when I go camping!

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