Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Luna Moth opened

WOW!, We went from cool, to HOT! But we sure enjoyed playing outside and having fun in the warmth today!

Willow Room: T/TH

Just when we thought our Luna Moth would never come out of it's cocoon.....it came out today and we got to see it happen. It was so cool, the moth breaks open a little hole in the end of the cocoon and then it pops out the end. Then it picked up the cocoon in it's legs and spun it around. When it comes out, it does not look like it is OK. It is all shriveled up and white looking. But after a few minutes, it dries out, turns a beautiful shade of green and moves to the top of the cage. We were very excited to see this happen.

We planted grass seed in cups last week and we already have tall grass "hair" on our grass heads. We used scissors to cut the grass today.

We did the story of the Giant carrot today using props. The children loved seeing the big big carrot appear.

We did a 5 little kites song too.

We used fun, finger stampers to make a picture today. We also had carrots at the easel to paint with today, we used red and yellow paint to make orange like the carrot.

We did "Herman the Worm", "Bubble Gum", "Counting Beehive" songs and finger plays for music today.

Oak Room: Pre-kindergarten room

We read a new book by Anna Dewdney called "Grumpy Gloria. She is the same author who wrote the Llama llama books the kids like so much.

We also read "Signs of spring" by Justine Korman

We painted flower pictures using the bottoms of empty plastic pop bottles. We fill them with water to give them a little weight and the children dip them in paint and press them down on the paper to make a print. A great way to use a found object or a way to reuse something that would be recycled.

We did the "Bean bag boogie" and "pass the bean bag" for music today.

We did some numbers puzzles about the numbers 7,8,9,10.

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