Friday, February 8, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, February 7, 2013

Willow Room- T/TH class

We read "Little Mouse's Big Valentine" by Thacher Hurd

We asked the children "Have you ever been to the post office?"

We finger painted with red and white paint to make pink. We painted on bubble wrap for a fun texture.
We stamped X's and )'s (means hugs and kisses) on a heart shape at the easel.

We sang "Let's go swimming", "Can you leap like a frog", and Shoofly" for music time.

We did a heart rhyme at circle time.

We brought in snow, and used watercolors to paint on the snow.

We are having fun with our post office.

Maple Room- Thursday class

We continued our series of books on the elephant "Elmer".  We discuss the story and discuss how it is about the same elephant, what we remember form the other stories we read about Elmer too.

We played games in the gym today, we played "Duck, duck, goose" and "Fishy, fishy cross my ocean"

We practiced our writing and we did an estimating and sorting game today.

Oak Room: Pre- K room

We read "Corduroy goes to the library" by Don Freeman
 and "Beverly Billingsly borrows a book" by Alexander Stadler

We did icicle painting - we dripped paint on an incline tray using squirt bottles filled with paint and spoons to pour paint down the incline board.

We had positional cards and wood pieces to place into correct position
.  And a file folder game of matching the broken hearts together following the same pattern.

We did a group activity on patterning- we patterned on a magnet board, what comes next?

We did "Rhythm in my fingers" for music time.  It is from the Jim Gill CD Modern Times"

We asked the children "Does your name have the letter S in it?

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