Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, February 25, 2013

Willow Room:

We read "A silly snow day" by Michael Coleman
We made trees with icicles. We used eye droppers to drip paint down an incline board with a tree shape taped to it.  So it looked like the trees were covered in icicles. We used white and silver paint.
We had stencils and a matching game at the easel.

We sang "I can make a snowman, we played hot potato, and we did tommy thumb for music time.

We made our letter I chart together.

Maple Room- morning class

We read "The three little pigs" by Walt Disney

We did a group project, we painted our big piece of cardboard to look like a house of sticks.

We did the February song, and we did the bear hunt song using instruments for the sounds.

We did letter S activities and we read a book about estimating and did the estimating jar today. The book was called "Can you guess what estimation is?" by Thomas Adamson
(Estimating is when you make a good guess about the number of items in something)

Maple Room: Afternoon class

we read "Silly Tilly" by Eileen Spinelli

We did marble painting by rolling marbles that were dipped in green paint back and forth in a box over a shamrock shape.  We used them to decorate our bulletin board.

We had paint and brushes at the easel.

 We did cool bear hunt, old Mc Donald had a band, late last night, Brown Bear and Mary had a little lamb  for music time today.

Oak Room:

We read "Dog in space" and "Happy Birthday Moon"

We made planets today!  We used blown up balloons and covered them with paper mache mixture and newspaper.  We will let them dry and then paint them to look like the planets.  We will hang them in our classroom. (see later picture in another post)

We are talking about the letter V this week and learning fun facts about Mercury.
The kids are loving our space unit.  

Stay & Play:

We read "Harry the dirty dog" by Gene Zion

We painted with sponges shaped like body parts.  The children used the legs, arms, heads, feet, etc to make people.  They painted each spinge with a bush and paint too rather than dip the sponges in dishes of  paint, so that added to a different experience.

We did "tap your toe and follow me", and "Put your finger on" for music time.

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