Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We had a special guest today.  The recycle lady talked to us about reduce, recycle, and reuse.  We had fun learning about it and how we can make new toys out of things we might otherwise throw away.

Willow Room: MWF class:
We read "The giant hug" by Sandra Horning

We asked if you have a letter "F" in your name?
We finger painted on bubble wrap.  It has a fun texture.

We painted fish shapes with rollers at the easel.

We did "Little fish", "Let's go swimming" "Can you leap like a frog?" and "5 fast fish".

We introduced the letter F.  We played with snow in the room with water colors.

Maple Room- Morning class:

We read "Michael Rcycle" by Ellie Bethel 

We used a bunch of celery, cut crosswise to paint with today.  It looks like flowers.
We painted with celery stalks at the easel.

We did "The February song", "Dancing with scarves", "Tommy Thumb" and "If you're happy and you know it." for music today.

We did letter P activities.

Maple Room- afternoon class
We read "I love trains"

We worked on our letter E and Letter F in our alphabet books.
We read books about the letters E and F and looked at items that start with the letter E and F.  

We did "Hello my name is Joe", "Silly Sally" and "Snowball Melting" for music time today.  

We had a new toy with cars and a track we had to build.  We worked together as a group on it and had fun playing with it. 

Oak Room- pre- k class

We read "I.Q. goes to the library" by Mary ann Fraser
and "Bats at the library" by Brian Lies

We worked in our journals drawing something that starts with the letter S.
We read the letter S book.  The children made their own book marks today. 

We did "my toes are starting to wiggle, and we did a lady bug matching game at circle time.  

We took the children into another room in small groups and played a BINGO Careers game.

Stay & Play:  

We read "Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama" by Anna Dowdney

We used watercolors, thin brushes and stencils to paint a picture.

We did "Clap, clap, clap your hands, and the hokey pokey for music time.

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