Friday, February 1, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, February 1, 2013

Willow Room:  MWF class

We read "Snow" by Roy McKie and PD Eastman

We asked the children "Do you have the letter E in your name?"

We painted using knee high socks filled with rice ( like snowballs).  We dipped them in white paint and painted on dark blue paper like a snowy nigh scene.

We painted with prickly rings on a letter E cutout of paper at the easel.

We did "Itsy Bitsy Snowflake", the freeze dance (with a pretend snowflake), and If you are happy and you know it" for music today.

We looked at things that start with the letter E.
We also practiced writing our letters on a dry erase board.

Maple Room: morning class

We read "Tortoise brings the mail" by Dee Lillegard

We used dab a dot painters to make a negative heart shape.  We had a heart shape cut out of paper and taped to the front of a piece of paper.  The children painting all over the paper with the dab a dot painters and then we lifted off the heart shape to reveal a negative heart shape on our paper.

Number game, we hide the snowflake behind one of the number snowballs and the children take turns guessing which snowball it is hiding behind.  They hove this game.

We had heart shapes on white paper with red, pink and purple tissue paper and glue.

We did "The February song", "Months song", "5 little snowmen" for music time.

We did letter O activities on our dry erase boards

We played the find the snowflake game with the snowflake hiding behind numbers 5-10.

Maple Room- afternoon class

We read Sadie and the snowman by Allen Morgan

We painted with pot scrubbers and cotton balls on dark blue paper to look like snow.

We did The February song, the months song, 
We did a cute song about frowns turning into smiles, and we danced with ribbons fast and slow.
We also watched the corduroy story video.

We had fun with the new post office set up in our room, spent time with the cars and the ramps and played in our sensory table with the purple fun sand.

Oak Room- Pre- K class  

We had Pajama day today. When the children arrived at school, two of their teachers were still asleep!  They were on our circle time rug and the children had to come in quietly so as not to wake them up.  It is so cute, the children are not quite sure what to do about the sleeping teachers.  They look at them, play around them a few minutes and we usually have to prompt them to wake them up.  

We read "A pocket for  corduroy" by Don Freeman

We cut out over all shapes to make corduroy bear.  We did some sorting games and some board games today.

We acted out "10 in the bed" and "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed".

We all sit on big blankets on the floor with our stuffed animals and watched a video of Corduroy.

We had a fun Pajama day at school.

Stay & Play

We read "The sniffles for bear" 

We did a small group game today, called land of learning about shapes.

We did get ready, get set, let's dance for music and ring around the rosie with different actions.

We have a library set up in our classroom and we had fun with that today, plus trains, dinosaurs and small legos.

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