Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Friday, February 22, 2013

Maple Room- Morning class

We read "The three little pigs as retold by Rochelle Larkin
We are starting our unit on the three little pigs and will do all kinds of variations of the story and when we are all done, we ill act it out.

Today we made the house of straw- we used rubber bands to paint with to make marks that look like straw.
We had house shapes at the easel that we decorated to look like hay.

We did letter R activities.
For music we did The February song, 5 little nails, I can hammer, and Play in the band.  

With our unit on The three little pigs, we incorporate construction as a side theme.  We have our dramatic corner set up with construction helmets, hammers, safety glasses, building blocks and more.  

Maple Room- afternoon class

We read Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood
We dud a cutting project, of house shapes
We painted with textured brushes at the easel.
We did The February song, Everybody clap your hand, Two little blackbirds for music time
We read a book called the great fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens and Susan Crummel

Oak Room- pre-k class
We read "Stars" by M. Ray

We dipped star shapes in glue.  Press on black paper and sprinkle with colored glitter.

We had a space board game and a magnetic shape maze.

We did "one little astronaut floating out from base" (act out with a rope as a hose)
We also did "Ring around the spaceship" ryhme.

What starts with the letter U?

Stay & Play
We did "pancakes, pancakes" by Eric Carle

We painted using fun colors &skinny brushes

"Old Mc Donald had a band" and "face the facts"

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