Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Willow Room- MWF class

We read "Clifford's First Valentine's Day" by Norman Bridwell

We asked the children "Do you have the letter "G" in your name?

We decorated Valentine wreaths.  We also passed out our Valentine's to our friends today. 
We had 3 d shapes and a snowman matching game at the easels.

We did skinnamarink, Pass the Valentine, and Heart Freeze Dance

We did a Valentine Rhyme to the tune of 5 little ducks
We frosted Valentine cookies during snack time.

Maple Room- Morning class

We read "Franklins' Valentines" by Paulette Bourgeois
We made Valentine cookies to eat for snack.
We did our Valentine exchange at music time.

We did a special activity today, we skyped to some people who are in Peru,south America.  They live here in Mt. Prospect most of the year, but they go to Peru for the winter.  We asked them questions about the weather, we saw the ocean, we saw palm trees, we asked if they swim and fish in the ocean.  It was fun.

Maple Room- afternoon class
We read "I need a Valentine" by Harriet Ziefert

We did a negative heart project.  The children painted all over a paper with dab a doo painters and we had a heart shape taped to the paper.  We removed the heart shape and had a negative heart shape showing.
We had heart shape stencils with  paint and tooth brushes as the paint brush.

We did The February song, Valentine rhymes and Pass the heart for music time.

We did a number recognition game of number 5-10, Find the heart. and we read "The biggest snowman ever by Steven Kroll

We had a special Valentine treat for snack.

Oak Room- Pre- K class
We read "Arthur's Valentine" by Marc Brown and Froggy's First Kiss 

We worked in our journal notebooks on the letter T, we wrote the letter and drew picture of words that start with the letter T.
We had graduated shape sorting activities, some tube building pieces, and a magnetic shape mazes.

We did a "Valentine rhyme", " Come and buy a Valentine", and we put some hearts in numerical order.
The children each passed out their Valentines to their friends at school and we had a special Valentine treat for snack today.

Stay & Play:

We read "Clifford, we love you" by Norman Bridwell

We made heart shape prints by dipping cookie cutters into pink, purple paint and glitter paint that was red and pink.  

We did "5 little Valentines", "skinnamarink", "I'm a little red Valentine" and "love grows by 1" for music time today.

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