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Trinity Preschool March 2013 newsletter

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March 2013 Newsletter
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Important dates:
Spring Break: March 25-April 1 (school resumes on TUESDAY, April 2nd)

Trinity Preschool Silent Auction:
Our auction was a big success!  We raised over $5200 which we will use for improvements to our school.  We need more rubberific mulch for the playground to keep it safe for the children. That will take a big chunk of our monies.
Thank you to everyone who baked, donated, bid on items, came to the auction, helped set up and a special thank you to all the board members who solicited donations, made phone calls, picked up items, set up and cleaned up too. 

Vision and Hearing screening:
The state of Illinois requires that all children in preschools and day care centers to have a vision and hearing screening.  We have made arrangements to do the screening at the preschool on March 6 & 7; with the cost being paid by the preschool. If your child does not pass either the vision or hearing initial screening, they will come back and do a retest; if they still do not pass, you will be advised to take your child in to a professional for further evaluation.  If your child has had their vision tested by an eye doctor or their hearing tested by an audiologist, please let me know as those children will not need to be screened and we will save money. 

Also- a special note to parents of children going to kindergarten:  This screening does not meet the requirements of vision exam for kindergarten admission.  You will still need to take your child to an eye doctor to be tested. See Mary if you have any questions.

Winter weather reminders:

  • Please help us keep the classroom floors clean by bringing your child to school in boots and changing into a pair of shoes here. (We cannot have wet shoes in the classroom and children must wear shoes in the classroom). 


  • Sometimes the parking lot is icy and it is hard to tell due to the black asphalt-walk slowly and hold your child’s hands.

  •  IF YOU SEE ME OUTSIDE BY THE DOOR IN THE WINTER WITH MY COAT ON ….. YOU MAY DRIVE UP AND DROP OFF YOUR CHILD AT THE DOOR! If you don’t see me outside and have younger children with you and want to drop off your child at the door - call the school phone to make arrangements!

Fall classes
We offer a wonderful afternoon class here at Trinity Preschool and have space available in it still for fall.  The class is a mixed ages class (3 – 5 years old) and is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:15-2:30. 

Early Drop Off:
We offer early drop off (EDO) any time after 8:30 as a convenience for parents who have to be someplace and need an earlier time to drop kids off.  The cost is $3.00 per day and it is “care and supervision”- not a planned extension of our learning time.  They can play with any of the equipment in the room, and the children will be supervised by Mary or one of the school’s teachers and may be in their room, another classroom, or the gym. They will be taken to their classroom about 5- 10 minutes before class starts.  Please make sure your child knows they will go to their classroom when school starts, but they may get to play in another room before school. Some days we have 4 or 5 children in EDO and they are all from different classrooms, so it is better for us (and them) to keep them all in one room than to need 3 different teachers occupied supervising 1 or 2 kids from each room.  I think sometimes though that the kids think they are being changed from their classroom.  Please help us help them to understand.
Please do not bring kids before 8:30 a.m.  Also, unless it is an emergency, EDO requires advance notice.

For Stay & Play, all of the children are grouped together and this program is an extension of our educational activities, with more story time, music time, gym time, choice time, art time and more.  The cost is $12.00 for 2 extra hours of preschool and snack. You can sign up for stay & play for 1, 2 or 3 days a week, or use it occasionally too.

Scholastic Book Orders
Due: March 8, 2013 so we will have books by spring break/Easter.  Books make wonderful additions to Easter baskets!

I will not be sending book order forms home to everyone anymore, I will place some on top of the cubbies and you can take one if you want it.  Books can be ordered online or by giving me the paper copy, but if you order online you usually receive a certificate for free books.   We have gotten over 100 free books for the school this year due to parents ordering books, so thank you!
Our school code for ordering books online is GZFV8
Order by March 8

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