Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trinity Preschool Activities for Thursday, February 21, 2013

Willow Room- Terrific 2's & 3's class

We read "The Crayon Box that talked" by Shane DeRolf

We are talking about the color yellow and our question today was "Are you wearing the color yellow today? 
We fingerpainted with yellow paint and we will turn them into suns.  We painted at the easel using cut up lemons.

We sang "May there always be sunshine", "Going on a bear hunt" and "Mr. Sun" for music today

We did a 5 little crayons rhyme

We glued yellow items to our color train.

Maple Room- Thursday class

We read "Mouse Shapes" by Ellen Stoll Walsh

We played a game called Mr Fox- what time is it?

We played uno attack and did a shape picture activity.

Oak Room:

We read "Bamboo Friends and the moon" by Felicia La w and "Walking on the moon" by Deborah Sherer

We did a special gluing activity, we glued circle shape object onto a paper plate and covered it with foil to look like craters on the moon.

We space match memory game, 4 letter word building puzzles.

We did Jump to Jupiter with ribbons and we'll be orbiting round the moon ( sung to tune of she'll be coming round the mountain"

Our dramatic play space is very popular, we are having so much fun.

We asked the children if their name has the letter U in it?

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