Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp the week of July 18- Will be HOT!!!!!!

They are predicting very hot temperatures this week and we have had camp before when it has been this hot. We make sure the children have plenty of water to drink, we have a very shady playground too, so that helps too. We keep the sprinkler running, and this week we will have two different sprinklers. We also use the hose with the spray nozzle and let the children run under and through it while a teacher holds it. We bring out extra water tables and plenty of water toys. We have quiet toys and books on the blankets so the children can also relax. We try to encourage the children to choose a quiet activity for some of the time so they are not just running around the whole morning. The hot weather is actually harder on the teachers as they are not running through the sprinklers! Usually! Please remember to send your child in their swim suit all week long!

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