Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camp Day 8 and Day 9

The final two days of camp were a busy flurry of activity. We played in the sprinklers and brought out buckets with water and sponges which the children used to wash everything! The metal horses, the climbers, the art drying racks, and probably each other. One of the fun things of camp is that we have fun getting wet, then grabbing a towel and sitting on a blanket to dry off.

We made sand stencil pictures and threw balls filled with paint at the fences. We brought out homemade bubble mixtures and all kinds of things to dip into the mixture to make bubbles. Some of the items we used were plastic strawberry containers, shaped pipe cleaners into a circle, and cut holes in plastic lids. No matter what shape the hold is the bubble will come out round.

The children are having fun catching bugs in our bug catchers. We are having fun with music at the end of each day. On our last day of camp we had mini popscicles to celebrate the fun we have had.

We said goodbye to some of our friends who won't be back for the July session and wished everyone a Happy 4th of July Holiday.

Second session of camp starts on Tuesday, July 12.

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