Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camp- July 20 More Hot Weather

We had another super hot day, but at lest we only have morning camp- afternoon would be much hotter. We had a nice breeze and the children love the hot weather for playing in the sprinkler. They had so much fun spraying it all around and even getting the teachers wet at times. We had the water tubs, sand tables and blanket activities again today. We also had fishing in water for the magnetic fish.

One new fun thing we did today was to put out a large tray of ice cubes and cover them with shaving cream. It is a cool and refreshing sensory experience.

For art today we made sun visors with their names on them and stamped with stampers to decorate.

We also had paint and foam brushes out. the children painted their own palms and made palm prints on big sheets of paper. We have them in the hallways.

We had story time and music time also.

Although it was hot, the children stay wet and hydrated!

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