Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp July 21- Another hot one

First off, thanks to the teachers who have done such a great job keeping the children from getting overheated and providing fun activities; they had the hottest job. We were so thankful for our trees and shade, plus the slight breeze we had today.

The children today played it the sprinkler, which is a fun one that they can squirt like a fire hose. They let it spray on the slide so it made it slippery and fast!

We had big blocks of ice we made by putting water in plastic bowls in the freezer. We put them on large trays with foam shaving cream and the children smushed and mushed it all around. It was a fun, slippery way to keep cool. we did the same thing yesterday with ice cubes and shaving cream.

At the table today we had small punch outs in various shapes and plastic string. The children strung the pieces to make necklaces.

We also had powder paint and water out for the children to paint pictures with by dipping the brush in the water, then in the paint. They also used a spoon to put some powder paint on the paper, then used a wet brush to turn it into paint.

Let's hope for cooler weather next week!

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