Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp Day 12- July 14, 2011

We had a pretty day today, not too hot, but warm enough the children asked for the sprinkler to be set up. We played with the water tables and the sand tables. One thing we did today that we have never tried before was to put colored water into sprayer bottles. We then put some tubs of sand out with some toy shovels and rakes and let the children spray the sand with the colored water. They could rake it around and shovel it too. The sand became full of color and we even had colorful puddles form in the pans. It was a new twist that the children loved. We had the dinosaurs and small rocks out in some damp sand too. We also added some sea shells to the sand tables for the children to explore.

For art today we had the plastic back rollers in bright colors of paint for rolling on the paper that was up and down on the fence. We also had blocks sealed in zip lock bags and the children used them to smash the paint that was on the paper underneath a piece of waxed paper. The colors blended and they could see the design happening through the waxed paper. We then pulled off the waxed paper and admired the patterns the smashing blocks made.

We had sponges out for washing things, and we put on music to dance to during our choice time. We ended our day with some special music and songs and we said goodbye to another week camp.

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