Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp, July 26 and July 27

We have had a summer of weather extremes, some days we were out in jackets and the next in blazing heat. The start of camp in June was cool and wet, then we got really hot and dry in July. Now, we had a record rainfall that broke the dry spell and unfortunately the rain came hard and fast and in the middle of the night. We got flooded in our school! Luckily, it was a few inches and all clean ground water. Thanks to the church for getting in there and pulling out the rugs, moving equipment and getting the cleaning crew into dry things off quickly. The teachers came in on Monday and we put all the rooms back together and except for a few things that had to dry out, no one would have known it even happened when camp started Tuesday! We lost a few things to the storm, mostly some paper and some books that were stored low, but at least it was minimal!

On Tuesday, we were able to get outside the whole morning and the weather was beautiful. We sprayed colored paint at the fence easels. We also painted a "large paint bucket shape" with water colors that will become an end of camp memory with a picture of your child and laminated. We hope the children and the parents will keep them for a long time as a great keepsake. We played with water and all of the other fun things that made camp special this summer.

Wednesday, We had rain come through again so we spent the day indoors. We put a large white bed sheet on the wall and the children used big easel paint brushes and thick paint to paint a big mural. We titled it "summer camp 2011" and it will decorate our hallway this summer. The children also used their fingers dipped in black paint and dabbed it onto red watermelon shapes with a bite cut out to look like the seeds. We brought in some different classroom toys and also took time to take the children to the gym for some large motor time.

Tomorrow is the last day of camp for summer 2011, we are hoping for nice weather, but the children enjoy their time at camp indoors or out.

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