Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camp July 19 - Day 1 of the Heat Wave at camp!

We have a great shady playground so that helps in this heat. We also had a breeze today and we are glad we only have camp in the morning before it gets too too hot!

We make sure the children drink plenty of water, and try to direct the play in the shade. We had a new sprinkler today and one of the teachers also kept spraying a hose in the air over the kids to cool them off.

For art today we had dab a dot painters at the fence easel and we had fun brushes taped to popscicle holders to paint with at the tables.

We had a car ramp on the blankets for quiet play, along with bristle blocks, and books.

We had tubs with water and water toys and the sand tables in the shade too.

We enjoyed music sitting on the blankets and singing and moving to the songs.

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