Friday, September 7, 2012

Trinity Preschool- Oak Room- Sept. 6 & 7 2012

In our Oak class yesterday and today, we continued reading the "If you...." series of books by Laura Numeroff..Thursday we read "If you give a dog a doughnut" and Friday we read "If you take a mouse to the movies"  

We usually read two stories each day in our Oak Pre-K classroom so we also read On Thursday, "The kiss goodbye" by Audrey Penn and on Friday we read "The kiss box" by Bonnie Verburg

On Thursday for art, before the children arrived we wrote their names with white crayon on white paper and the children then used watercolors to paint over the whole paper.  Their name appeared like magic.  the children then could draw their own picture and paint over it to make it appear.  We have the names hanging in  our room

On Friday, we decorated puzzle shape pieces for a display we will use to decorate our class door.

For music Thursday and Friday we did "The twelve days of school" using some visual props (The tune is the twelve days of Christmas); we did "Down around the corner at the doughnut shop"; where each children brings up a penny and buys a felt doughnut. We also did the Mack chicken dance for some movement time.

We played out on the playground on Thursday and on Friday it was too wet outside so we played in the school gym with balls, hula hoops, basketball net, and some rocking teeter-toters. 

We also are learning a "left hand rhyme" and using our right hand to say "The pledge of allegiance"

We are using various table activities like puzzles, magnetic writing boards, shape sorters, magnetic dress p dolls, alphabet puzzles and button lacing games.  

We had a great first few days of school. It is nice they all have been in the school before so they know the basic routine.

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