Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All of the classes played outside today in the playground.

Willow Room- MWF class
We read the story "Hand, hand, Fingers, Thumb" by Al Perkins

We asked the children the question "Do you like school?" We do a graph of the answers and use it to learn about math concepts.  we usually ask a question each day, ranging from a feeling question to a question like how many pockets do you have?

We did fingerpainting at the table with orange paint.  we had special chalk surface material at the easels, and used thick chalk to color on it.

We brought drums in to our room and used them for music time.
We did tap you toe and follow me, clap, clap, clap our hands, for music time too.

We had foam packing peanuts in our sensory table. 

Our dramatic corner is set up like a housekeeping area for children to do pretend play.

Maple Room morning class

We read "Quick as a cricket" by Audrey Wood

We did self portraits at the table with crayons and markers.  We brought in mirrors so the children could look at themselves to draw the picture.

We had watercolors at the easel.

We did "The September song", "Alphabet song", we danced with scarves to "the freeze dance", and we did "the little fish song."

We did a graph of hair color and eye color- we use these graphs to learn about math concepts.

We also talked about coughing and sneezing in our elbow and not our hands.  We talked about using tissues and washing our hands and why we need to do this.

Maple Room- afternoon class

We read Clifford's Manners by Norman Bridwell

We painted on paper shapes like puzzle pieces at the table.
At the easel we painted with brushes.

We did 5 elephants went out to play, animals actions, and 5 little ducks for music today.

Oak Room:

We read another "If you ...." book  We read "If you give a pig a party" by Laura Numeroff
We also read the letter "A" book.

We wrote in our journals today.  We will do this each Wednesday.  We wrote our name, we wrote the letter A in upper and lower case, and we drew a picture of something that starts with the letter A.
We had sponge brushes at the easel, at free art , we did party hat shapes to go along with our story.

We had out the letter A puzzle, a magnetic color maze and a matching colors puzzle.

We did a story starter activity. The children each filled in the blank.

If you give a _________ a ______ she'll want a _______ to go with it.

The list is posted in the hall outside our room.

We did "The cool bear hunt" and the letter A song.

We observed our science experiment from yesterday.  We looked to see what happened to the eggs in the cola and in the milk.  (The egg in cola turned brown).  then we used a toothbrush to brush it like teeth. 

Stay & Play

We read "Dixie loves school Pet Day" by  Grace Gilman

We used tempra paint and a variety of stampers to create some pictures.

We did "Hands are for clapping, "teddy bear, teddy bear", "2 little blackbirds", and the "hokey pokey" for music.  
We had fun going out to the playground again today.

We had strawberries and yogurt for snack.

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