Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kate Askegaard stippling ink drawings 2012

Martin Luther King Jr, stippling ink drawing by Kate Askegaard 2012

President Abraham Lincoln, stippling ink drawing by Kate Askegaard, 2012

Harry Houdini, stippling ink drawing by Kate Askegaard 2012

Close up of Houdini to show detail

A glimpse of the process Kate uses to make drawings  

The artist, Kate Askegaard (there is a link to her BLOG on this BLOG site as well) chose these people to include in her series "A moment in time" because they were all individuals who made a difference and died too soon.  Her desire is for people to look into themselves and ask what they can do with their moment in time too. 

Kate takes an image and does a grid over it, then she lays rag paper over graph paper and whatever is in that space on the image, she recreates using small dots, and squiggles.  The images are remarkable and convey such emotion, as she says, in the eyes especially.  The images are amazing in themselves, but when you can see she has recreated them using small dots, it is incredible.

I hope to share these images with as many people as possible, they are so remarkable.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.  

Kate's piece, "A moment in time" is on display in Grand Rapids, Michigan from Sept 19- Oct 7th, 2012 in the ARTPRIZE competition.  Other portraits in the series can be seen on her BLOG or in person in Grand Rapids.  They include, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, and Princess Diana, who all used their moments in a special way.

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  1. Truly astounding. Indeed the eyes are the most difficult part because the artist wants to make it appear that the person's expression is maintained. The eyes portray a lot of meanings. It is sort of like a mirror which shows what the person in the portrait saw "a moment in time."