Monday, September 24, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

We had a cool morning, but it warmed up a bit during the morning.  We all played outside today.

Willow Room: MWF class

We read "The Mouse and the Big red apple" by AH Benjamin and Gwyneth Williamson 

We asked the children what color apple do you like to eat?

We scrunched up tissue paper (yellow, green and red) and used it to decorate an apple tree shape paper.

We did "The apple tree", "ABC sounds", and "The wheels on the bus" for music time today.

We did the weather and the days of the week.

Maple Room- Morning class

We read "Applesauce season" by Eden Ross Lipson

We made our own applesauce from the apples the children brought in and we ate it for snack time.  We peeled, cut and cooked the apples.

We had apple stencils at the easel with roller brushes.

We did The Sept. song, and Down around the corner, for music time.

We did a taste test to see which color apple we liked best.

We estimated how many seeds we thought were in an apple.  Then we cut an apple open to count how many there were.

Maple Room- Afternoon class

We read "The Mouse and the Big red apple" by AH Benjamin and Gwyneth Williamson

We painted brown paper lunch bags with red paint to look like apples.

We had watercolors and brushes at the easels.

We did 5 little popcorn kernels in a pan, bear hunt, and this old man for music time.

Oak Room- Pre- K class

 We are beginning to learn about our 5 senses and today we are starting with our sense of smell.

We read "Arthur's Nose" by Marc Brown

We popped popcorn at our circle time to smell it pop, hear it pop, see it pop- we talked about how many senses we would use- then we touched it to feel it. And later for snack we tasted it .

We used some popcorn in a big tub to play with it with scoops, spoons, cups and some we shook with colored powder paint to make it colorful. Then we glued it onto paper in designs. WE glued it onto paper shaped like a movie popcorn bag.

We did Bear hunt, 5 little popcorn kernels in a pan, and an all about me song.

We will be talking about the letter C this week.

Stay & Play

We read "Grizzwold" by Syd Hoff

We used roller balls to paint with.  They are balls that are in a handle attachment so they will roll.  We rolled on a paint pad and then on paper.

We did Sally the swinging snake, with ribbons, we did some sing-a-long music cards

We had the light table out to use today and we played Number Bingo.

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