Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012

We had a glorious fall day today to be outside!

Willow Room- T/H class

We read "Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple" by AH Benjamin and Gwenyth Williamson

We asked the children "What color apple do yo like to eat best?"

We scrunched up tissue paper and glued it onto apple shape paper.

We had magnets at the easel.

We did "The apple tree", "Wheels on the bus" and "ABC sounds "(a phonics song) for music time.

Oak Room: Pre-K class

We read "Nosy Rosie" by Holly Keller

We mixed koolaid and water to use as paint.  It has a scent to the colors, so we can use our sense of smell as we paint.

We did "Tommy Thumb is up", "Deep in the jungle" (using drums), and "the doughnut shop"

We did the mystery bag with objects that begin with the letter C.  We are talking about the five senses, and especially the sense of smell..

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