Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trinity Preschool Activities for Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We played outside on the playground today.

Willow Room:

We did "Yes you can!" a CD story by Sam McBratney

WE asked the children "What can you do all by yourself?

We rolled textured foam rollers over a paint pad and then onto paper to make a beautiful print.

We had magnetic sticks at the easel and made pictures with them. We also counted and sorted them too.

We sang "The way we do it?", "The sneezing song" , "Hands are for clapping" .
We talked about germs and how we can prevent the spread of germs by sneezing and coughing into our elbows (arm/sleeve).  We used glitter to demonstrate how germs spread.  A great way to "see" something we can't see.

Maple Room: Morning class

We read "The little Mouse and teh Big Red Apple" by AH Benjamin and Gwenyth Williams

we made paper bag apples.  We painted brown paper lunch bags with red paint.  We will turn them into apples.  We also used chalk on black paper at the easels.

We did "The September song", "the alphabet song", "tap your toe and follow me", and "Over the deep blue sea" for music time today.

We also read Amelia Bedelia's First apple Pie" by Herman Parish

Maple Room- Afternoon class

We read  "Clifford gets a job" by Norman Bridwell

We decorated tree shapes with corks to look like apples on a tree.  We used apple stampers with red paint at the easel.

We played a BINGO bears game, did some block building and worked on some floor puzzles.

We did "Tommy Thumb is up" and "Deep in the jungle" using drums for music today.
Oak Room: Pre- K class

We read "Arthur's eyes" by Marc Brown

We talked about the sense of sight and how we would not know what color something is without our sense of sight, we cannot smell it, feel it, taste, it or hear it.

We wrote pictures and words that start with the letter C in our journals today.

We played a small group game learning about shapes today.

We did the letter C song, 5 senses rhyme, list of dances, and a color rhyme for music time today.

We did an experiment today, we started with a primary color and combined two colors to create a new secondary color. 
 Primary colors are red, yellow and blue.

Stay & Play:  

We read "The horse in Harry's room" by Syd Hoff 

We are painting with finger stampers for art today.

We did "Can't sit still, Sticky Bubble gum, and What could a bean bag be?"for music time.

The children created a beautiful town using blocks, signs, houses, cars and people during choice time .


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