Monday, March 7, 2011

Trinity Preschool Actvities for Monday, March 7, 2011

Willow Room- MWF class

We are having fun learning about nursery rhymes and today we read "Mary had a little lamb: by Iza Trapani (a story on a CD)

We are learning about the letter "L" and asked the children if they had the letter "L" in their name. We graphed the results and compared yes and no answers.

We Used cotton balls for art today, we had lamb shapes and glued cotton balls onto them to make our "little lambs" for Mary.

At the easel we had screens and brushed over them with paint to make a splatter picture.

For music we did "Mary had a little lamb:, "May there always be sunshine", and " Little Fish"

We added a variety of different kinds of blocks to our block building area. We had fun building and trying them out.

Maple Room:

We read The three little pigs, by Rochelle Larkin

We are getting ready to act out "The three little pigs" story, so today we made our house of sticks. We used the side of pieces of cardboard painted with yellow and brown paint and made prints on our cardboard box. After we make our house of bricks on Wednesday, we will be ready to act out our story.

We played musical chairs for music. We play a special version where we all cheer when someone gets "out" so no one is upset when they have no chair.

We are working on some letter "T" activities.

Oak Room:

We read "Curious George gets a medal" by H.A. Rey

We are making covers for our "learn about the planets books". We dipped space theme stampers into paint to make designs.

We watched a DVD of space called "The Magic school bus, space adventure, lost in space", to help the children learn more about space and the planets.

We are learning about the letter "W" this week.

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